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Amaro caffe Negotino

  Amaro caffè is located in the city center of Negotino, Macedonia, looking at the main square of the town. It offers varieties of coffee, fresh juices, cocktails, alcohol drinks and desserts.
  Amaro caffè dates from January 2008 and during the years hasn't changed the spirit. By the years it got bigger and today it can serve 150 customers at a time. In total the place has 255 m2, the outdoor space is 160 m2, indoor 50 m2 and warehouse 45 m2.
  The place is suitable for business meetings, small talk with a friend, friends/family gatherings or watching sport matches. In the evening you can celebrate your birthday or any other occassion.
  The style is modern & casual and athmosfere is very pleasent and relaxed. Team of young enthusiasts work in this place to look better and worth visiting.
 Welcome in Amaro Caffè & have a nice time!

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Marshal Tito bb
1440 Negotino

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